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April 10, 2023 2 min read

Can allergies cause ear pain?

Yes, allergies affect the ear due to inflammation in the sinus cavity. This built-up pressure in the ears can cause pain and discomfort.

Spring is when pollen count, hay fever, cut grass, and seasonal allergies affect approximately 81 million people in America. Allergy symptoms include a runny nose, dry eyes, ear infections, sinus pain, and sore throat.

Wash your bedding regularly.⁠

Pollen will attach itself to your clothing if you are outside or snuggling your pets. Does your dog or cat sleep in your bed? Wash your sheets and pillowcase regularly.

wash sheets regularly cat sleeping in bed

When your furry friends go outside for a walk and return to your bed, you could be allergic to the outside particles they brought back inside with them. If you experience seasonal ear pain, clean your sheets and change your pets' sleeping space.

Take off outside clothes and shoes right away.⁠

If you experience ear pain with your seasonal allergies, strip down before you track pollen throughout your home. ⁠Keep your home as allergen-free as possible.

flowers can allergies cause ear pain Filters Direct USA

When your immune system tries to fight off an allergic response day and night, you will not be giving your body a break from what is causing your runny nose, ear pain, sinus pressure, and sore throat. Remove your clothes and shoes. Leave your shoes in the garage if possible.

Replace AC filters regularly!

Check your HVAC air filters and change them regularly. With sensitive pollen allergies and pets, it is recommended to change your filters monthly.⁠

Try a monthly subscription service, like Filters Direct USA, to ensure that clean filters are your top priority. Another important way to reduce your allergy symptoms is to address the circulation of air throughout your home.

Filters Direct USA air filters

If you are experiencing symptoms of an ear infection, have a runny nose, sore throat, or itchy eyes check the quality of your air filters. Choose an air filter with antimicrobial materials and tackifier technology to trap the allergens. This will reduce the pollen and grass being spread through your home via the HVAC air ducts.

Double-protect your doors. Floor mats outside AND inside.⁠

Make shoes a non-negotiable in your home. Ask family members and guests to ditch their shoes at the door.⁠ Tracking pollen, grass, and outside elements throughout your home will prolong your seasonal allergies. These outside particles will remain on your carpeting, will be pulled into your HVAC system, and circulated throughout your home.⁠

Take a shower as soon as you come inside.⁠

When you are outside, pollen will be trapped in your hair, clothing, and pet fur. Upholstered furniture will grab those pollen particles. Pay attention to where your pets spend the most time. If you find that your allergies flare up when you sit on the couch with your dog or you wake up with swollen eyes when your cat sleeps next to your face, it could be from the pollen or cut grass particles clung to their fur.

Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson

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