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antimicrobial home air filter subscription from FiltersDirectUSA

A: Yes! Once you select how many air filters you have in your home in Step 1 of our subscription process, you can select all your different sizes in Step 2!

A: Yep! Custom size air filters are our specialty. We can make size in a 1" thickness home air filter for you.

A: All of our filters have a Merv 9 rating which means our filters have a higher degree of air filtration. Not only do our filters catch and remove more than other brands, but our filters are antimicrobial, giving an added layer of protection.

A: Not at all. All of our filters are made from polyester material and designed not to restrict airflow.

A: Each home can be different depending on how many family members or pets are within the home. Our general rule of thumb on when to change air filters? While replacing them monthly is recommended, we advise that you don't wait any longer than quarterly to improve and maintain your home's indoor air quality.

A: Step 3 of our website purchase process provides three frequency options: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly filter delivery.

A: Shipping is always FREE with a home air filter subscription to Filters Direct USA.

A: Yes, we ship our antimicrobial home air filters all across the United States of America.

A: Of course! If circumstances change, you can skip or cancel your subscription anytime. Your satisfaction is important to us.

A: We are proud to say that our filters are 100% made in the United States.

A: Yes! Our reusable frames are provided 100% FREE with your first order, which means less waste every time you replace your air filters. This practice is better for the environment.

A: Our filter delivery is a helpful, accountable, and convenient reminder to replace your home air filters. Trust us; you want the reminder! Clean filters equal better sleep, health, and improved HVAC efficiency.

A: You betcha! At just $12 per filter, our products cost less than home improvement stores and other options.

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